28th Jun 2022
Karat gave us the royal wave last week as she was chauffer driven (in her mind) to her new home in Cork. We hear that she has already decided that life as a loved and adored pet is so much better than the stray life she previously lived. Mum Laura and big bro, Harry, are […]
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26th Jun 2022
Wish came into our care after she was found as an abandoned 6 week old puppy. She was scared, full of worms and had a lice infestation. It wasn’t long before she was running around our staff room, acting as any healthy, normal puppy should and Wish was definitely full of mischief. After a few […]
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12th Jun 2022
In April we took in a very bedraggled, matted and confused little spaniel x boy from the streets where he had been wandering for nearly a week. He didn’t have a collar, just tight rope knotted around his neck, his eyes were full of infection and he feeling very sorry for himself. But once safe, […]
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5th Jun 2022
Little Lucy was happily rehomed a few years ago by a fellow rescuer, who has since retired (so she says), but when we saw that she had taken Lucy back into her care again in accordance with her rescue contract, we offered to help her find a home for Lucy. We had just received the […]
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Princess Pia

2nd Jun 2022
Left to fend for herself in fields and on laneways by owners who denied all knowledge of her, Pia was so lucky to have been spotted by kind locals and finally caught. After being spotted by one of our fosterers Pia was on her way to the love and safety of Jayne and Paul whose […]
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31st May 2022
Trafford arrived in April after he was found by Offaly Dog Warden Michelle. He had been straying, had a matted coat and was very scared. He spent a few weeks under the care of the team at Offaly Dog Pound and as an older boy we were only too delighted to be able to lend […]
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26th May 2022
Our boy Patch has made it home with his new Mum and Dad, Corinne and Darren and is loving life as a much loved family member. A boy with a big heart who just needed a chance to show how special he is and we thank Corinne and Darren for giving Patch that chance. Have […]
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21st May 2022
Ronnie came to us a few weeks ago after we came across him locked in a shed. After making enquiries we heard that he had then been let out to wander the streets and nobody seemed to “own him”. So we searched for him over the next couple of days and it wasn’t until a […]
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7th May 2022
Sinéad, and her mum, travelled from Mayo to meet a very special boy. Sinéad had seen Dudley on our website and fallen head over heels! After a homecheck was completed the only thing left was to see if they “clicked”. Dudley had not shown much interest in his visitors before, so we held our breath. […]
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24th Apr 2022
It was on a very miserable, wet night in March that we received the call about a very scared little Lurcher running around a country lane. It was suspected that she had been dumped from a van, seen in the area a couple of hours earlier. Sadly, she wouldn’t allow anyone near her that night […]
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23rd Apr 2022
The very last, but by no means least, of our cocker pups is Miney, now Bobby. Miney was, in fact, the first to be reserved but his Mums had a holiday pre-booked so we all agreed it would be best if they collected Miney after they returned. So on the same weekend that saw his […]
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19th Apr 2022
When the Clarke family spotted the post about our puppies they applied in the hope that they would be successful and find a new family member and friend for their existing cocker girl Tilly. But when they came for their meet and greet, poor Tilly was so overwhelmed by the noise, the strange place and […]
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18th Apr 2022
The only girl in our litter of our 5 Cocker x pups, Meeney, headed off at the weekend, to start a fabulous life on one of the Aran Islands off the coast of Galway. Anne and Hugh had spotted our video of the puppies and instantly fell in love. With miles of countryside and beautiful […]
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18th Apr 2022
Little Moe, renamed Cullen, one of our 5 cocker x pups, set off during the week to his forever home with his new Mum and Dad, Ann and John. They had spotted Moe and instantly knew they would love nothing more than for him to join their family. Having had rescue dogs for years they […]
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15th Apr 2022
You may remember little Shrubs’ story, from a few weeks ago, when we rescued her from under the hedge and shrubbery she was spotted hiding in. She was a very scared girl who was underweight, covered in fleas, had mange and also had a badly twisted hind leg which Xrays showed was an old break […]
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8th Apr 2022
Fisher was surrendered to us in February. A young, bouncy 10 month old spaniel he had already been in 2 homes, that we know of, with both saying that he was too energetic. Fisher was energetic but no more than you would expect from a 10month old spaniel/setter boy and one who was so eager […]
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7th Apr 2022
Last Sunday it was Mash’s turn to leave Heathlawn and head off to start his new life. Mash, along with his sister Mish (since rehomed), were rescued, in November, after they were straying for over a month near Ahascragh. They were two extremely scared dogs who had to learn to trust us. Their journey from […]
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1st Apr 2022
This little guy is the 5th puppy, a brother to Eenie, Meenie, Miney and Mo. He was always the quietest of the bunch and seemed to be the one left out or picked on, so when Alan visited our sanctuary a couple of weeks ago and fell madly in love, we decided that it was […]
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28th Mar 2022
Bourbon arrived as a stray and slotted into our kennel life straight away. He was simply the sweetest, kindest boy. Once we got to know Bourbon a little better we put him up for rehoming and waited for the applications to come in. And we waited. NONE!! We just couldn’t understand why this amazing boy […]
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7th Mar 2022
Corrie arrived in June 2021 as a stray. A sweet girl but one who suffered from severe shyness. We worked hard to gain her trust and once gained, Corrie was just the sweetest, most loving girl. We tried a few “meet’n’greets” with people interested in meeting her and they always went the same way, with […]
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