9th Jun 2020
In March we welcomed an older black bull lurcher girl to our sanctuary. Found tied to a road sign on a rural lane way, we wanted to give Emoji the best future ever. Emoji was gentle, loving, kind and happy to be wherever humans were, she asked for very little except to be loved. But […]
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4th Jun 2020
In March this little girl was picked up and bought to safety by a GSPCA volunteer. She was fed, wrapped in a blanket and christened Pancake. Pancake had been sleeping rough for quite some time. She had made herself a bed on the ground and would curl up there every night but disappear quite often. […]
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1st Jun 2020
Feathers arrived to us last week after she was surrendered by her previous owner. A very sweet, loving 5 year Beagle girl. Feather was overweight and had obviously had quite a few litters. We posted her arrival story, sat back and waited 😂 It only took about 10 mins for the phone call we were expecting […]
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31st May 2020
Memphis, a young Gsd x girl, found herself waiting in a pound for 6 weeks for her second chance. That chance came when we spotted her sitting quietly as we arrived to take some other dogs from the same pound. Looking at her watching us load up the small dogs we just couldn’t leave her […]
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11th May 2020
In November 2019 we offered rescue space to two dogs from Meath Pound and named them Redford and Newman. Redford didn’t have to wait around for too long he went to the UK to our friends at Erinhounds where he waltzed his way into his forever home . For Newman life was a little more […]
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10th May 2020
Oh Happy Days ❤️❤️❤️ You may remember this little bundle of fear Caldo. The little boy we went out to rescue off the streets of Ballinasloe where he had been spotted straying so afraid that he had hidden himself deep in a thorny hedge. For days Caldo hid away in his basket at Heathlawn and […]
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7th Apr 2020
Quorn arrived in February, as nearly all Sighthounds arrive, underweight, riddled with worms and fleas, with a broken spirit and very scared. But thanks to a bunch of wonderful doggies already in our care it wasn’t long before Quorn was shaking off her past and enjoying herself out in our fields. Rewind to July 2019, […]
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4th Apr 2020
Earlier this year we received calls about a small, chocolate lab x that was straying around the streets of Galway City for quite some time. Anytime someone tried to approach him he would flee in terror. But as the days turned into a week he started to slow down through exhaustion and our team, with […]
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31st Mar 2020
Last week Heron got to go home to his forever home where he is now fondly known as ‘Murphy Garvey’ 😀 The first of our ‘five fledglings’ (Heron,Teal,Grouse,Buzzard and Magpie) to ‘fly the nest’ 😛 We hear Heron, now Murphy, has settled in well and is enjoying exploring on little walks and is learning how […]
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31st Mar 2020
Baby Teal left Heathlawn last week and headed off to start her new life in the loving arms of The Molloy Family ❤️. Teal, along with her four siblings, arrived at Heathlawn over three weeks ago. Collies make the most amazing companions and are known for their loyal and, at times, protective nature. Loving, intelligent […]
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29th Mar 2020
Montreal arrived to us, in August 2019, from Mullingar Pound. A beautiful Husky x Gsd boy who had a huge affectionate heart but few manners. A sensitive soul who could be wary around people he didn’t know, especially men. Everyone who knew Montreal loved him but as time went on he started to find kennel […]
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26th Mar 2020
Mila was found late one night, a month ago, by two young girls as she ran along a busy road in Galway City. Despite the late hour we organised for one of our city based team to go and collect her from these wonderful young ladies who had kept her safe. Only a baby of […]
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Itska, Mabel and Aonghus

23rd Mar 2020
3 is certainly not a crowd when it come to siblings. Itska Mable and Aonghus could not believe their luck when Jess arrived to take all 3 home! Having arrived previously to adopt 2 kittens she simply couldn’t decide which two. Try as she might they all had amazing qualities and all just fit so […]
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19th Mar 2020
Last month we met this beautiful young lab boy on a road not too far from our sanctuary. Wary and unsure but we could see he was a friendly boy who needed our help. Not chipped or neutered, with no collar and way too quick to cower every time we moved, we knew instinctively that […]
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16th Mar 2020
Little Beagle boy Bono was surrendered into our care last August. A naturally very shy boy, nervous and timid, it took Bono quite some time to settle. On top of finding his paws, Bono had to undergo corrective surgery on both of his eyes. Bono made many canine friends at Heathlawn but as they all […]
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15th Mar 2020
After 306 days in our care, the Queen of the Cattery, Diva Extraordinaire, Ms Buffy left us to begin her new life as a proud and pampered pet! Buffy had struggled with hairloss and over-grooming due to stress and despite giving her as much care and attention as possible in a busy cattery it was […]
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8th Mar 2020
Teeny Tiny Chihuahua boy Salty arrived into our care at the end of November 2019. Salty was called into us after a kind lady found him lying on a footpath in Salthill. He was terrified, freezing cold, dehydrated, weak, covered in fleas and limping badly. Salty spent a few days in our vets on a […]
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3rd Mar 2020
FAX goes home ❤️ Fax is a little boy, that our staff picked up, who was totally matted,m had infected ears and was feeling extremely sorry for himself. Who could blame him. Once shaved Fax felt, looked and smelled so much better and he was soon joining in the fun with some of our other […]
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3rd Mar 2020
Last weekend was the start of a new life for our little man Quiz as he headed off to become the newest member of The Barron Family. Found as a stray and with his pound time done, Quiz joined us at Heathlawn. The sweetest, funniest and kindest of dogs, he has landed on all four […]
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1st Mar 2020
Last week our stunning Calico Rosalie Rothko had a visit from Aileen. Aileen adopted Omar last May and felt the time was right to add a second cat to her home. With cats, particularly adult cats, it’s not always about finding them a friend. It is important to remember that cats don’t always want company […]
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