10th Sep 2020
Asha left our Cattery on Saturday and wasted no time in seeking out the best vantage point. He taught new dad, Peter, exactly how he likes his head scratched and, of course, made sure new mum, Renate, was doing a thorough job at cleaning up after him. All looking good, Asha has said he is […]
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8th Sep 2020
It has been a great week at Heathlawn for some of our Lurchers as they headed off to their forever homes here in Ireland. Aroma left last night and last Sunday saw our handsome boy Rocco leave to set up home here in Galway. Gearóid and Geraldine contacted us a couple of weeks ago expressing […]
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7th Sep 2020
Aroma arrived a couple of months ago. She was a somewhat overweight (first time ever!!) Saluki girl of about 5 years old. She had obviously had quite a few litters in her short life and remained shut down and hidden during the first week. But it’s in their nature to be forgiving and resilient so […]
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7th Sep 2020
Grit arrived with his pal Rudy a few weeks ago after the death of their owner. Rudy didn’t have to wait long and had soon packed her bags and headed off to her forever home. Grit, at only a year old needed a totally different kind of home, one where he would get regular exercise, […]
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5th Sep 2020
Rudy came into our care a few weeks ago, with her friend Grit, as their owner had sadly passed away earlier in the year and the elderly family member they now lived with was struggling. Two much loved dogs now needed our help. At 10 or 11 years old, Rudy was looking for a quiet […]
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2nd Sep 2020
At the beginning of June we gave rescue spaces to two special boys from Mullingar Pound. Approximately 5/6 years old both were extremely scared to the point that we couldn’t even touch them for a couple of weeks. That didn’t deter us because we could see by their eyes that they were both kind and […]
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30th Aug 2020
Boyd is a young rough collie boy who was found straying on the streets. He was kindly taken in by a concerned family who then brought him to our sanctuary. He proved to be a popular boy when it came to finding him a home but he more or less chose his family himself ! […]
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28th Aug 2020
Yesterday was the day that our golden oldie Avery started a new chapter in her life. Avery came to us last year from Meath Dog Pound after she was found as a stray. She found sanctuary life quite difficult despite our best efforts to keep her happy. In March this year Avery got the break […]
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22nd Aug 2020
There was a very distinctive smile on Emmies face yesterday as she packed her bags and left our Cattery with her new mum Cherelle. Emmie came into our care a few months ago only about one year old, just a kitten herself, so how she found herself giving birth in the lashing rain on the […]
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20th Aug 2020
Dua, a tiny little chi x girl, came into our care nearly 2 months ago. She had been left behind in the garden of a rented house. It was 4 days before neighbours realised what her former family had done and they contacted us straight away. Assisted by the Gardaí, Dua was removed and came […]
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14th Aug 2020
In January we received a late night call about a Saluki pup on the streets of Tuam with a badly broken leg. Only 4 months old he was a pitiful sight and screeched in pain and fear as we maneuvered him into our van, arriving at our vets after midnight. A few days later Tetley, […]
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Seleno and Mars

7th Aug 2020
Also leaving our Cattery last week was Seleno and despite her best efforts, she did not get to leave alone 😉 Naomi and Lorraine arrived to pick up their new best friend they could not resist the taking a peak at her brothers. Mars and Seleno had a good relationship and when they heard how great […]
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Areo and Geo

6th Aug 2020
There were lots of hugs and kisses as Aero and Geo got ready to leave the Cattery to begin their new lives with Llewellyn in Tipperary! There they will have lots of space to explore and keep them entertained while still having the option come in and be part of the family. Thank you Llewellyn […]
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Paddington Bear

5th Aug 2020
From the Ralph Family to the Kelly Family with love 😍 Last weekend saw our cheeky lovable rogue Paddington Bear wave goodbye to his foster family and say hello to his forever family. A few months ago, this young Saluki pup was found on the streets with an old fracture to his shoulder and landed […]
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2nd Aug 2020
In March we received a call about a stray dog who had been living rough for a little while. It took us a few attempts but we finally had him secure and on his way to a new life in Heathlawn.# Jenson was a very scared boy, who cowered away from us during his first […]
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31st Jul 2020
Klein was found wandering the streets, one very scared and sad little boy. He was taken to Mullingar Pound before he came to us and, though it took a while to gain his trust, he emerged a sweet and loving boy with those he knew at our sanctuary. Last week Klein had visitors, the Carty […]
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27th Jul 2020
Lama came to us as a 5 month old surrender, a sweet natured, playful girl who had already been in 2 homes before coming to us. We promised Lama that this time we would find her a home that would be forever. The Ridge Family had been looking for a family pet for a while […]
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23rd Jul 2020
Vixen arrived in early March after she was found curled up in a families shed. She was one extremely scared little girl and remained hidden away in her kennel. But as time went on the sweetest, most loving little girl emerged, one with lots of character but still at times unsure. Vixen is not without […]
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21st Jul 2020
Wallace, and his friend Gromit, arrived a few months ago from Mullingar Pound. Both boys had spent their lives in a back yard. Neither could walk on a lead and didn’t want to come anywhere near us for the first couple of weeks. Both were sweet-natured yet but knew nothing about socialising with humans. It […]
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20th Jul 2020
For over 3 weeks Walton struggled to stay safe as he roamed the fields and streets around Mountbellew. He was extremely fearful of people fled every time someone tried to help him. Thanks to a lovely lady called Jacinta who never gave up, Walton was finally secured and one of our team set off to […]
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