18th Jun 2021
In May we were alerted to a very scared collie x dog who was roaming and living in the fields outside Ballinasloe Town. Sadly this boy was just too terrified to allow us to help him. He would disappear off our radar and was always one step ahead of us. Thanks to one of our […]
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12th Jun 2021
Happy Catterday to our Pushkin who was adopted today by new mum Tina! Tina is no stranger to the Cattery having adopted twice previously! On arriving home Pushkin was greeted by former GSPCA kitten Ivy and once she had time to “unpack” Pushkin went straight into play mode Thank you Tina for opening your home […]
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10th Jun 2021
When Chloe and John expressed an interest in fostering we wanted to make sure it was a suitable match, not just for them but, more importantly, for their existing Saluki girl Suki, formerly Aroma who was adopted from us last year. We had a young Saluki x boy named Okabe, who was full of fun […]
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9th Jun 2021
A few weeks ago we began to receive calls and messages about a little hairy terrier with an injured leg, running scared around the streets of Ballinasloe. Many kind hearted people tried to entice him off the roads but he just ran away in fear, often straight into oncoming traffic. For a week we kept […]
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27th May 2021
Handsome Ed left our Cattery last week to begin his new life as King of his own private jungle! In pure Ed style he wasn’t long claiming his thrown and chilling out! Thank you to Donal and Leandro to opening your home to Ed and hovering him the 5 home he longed for and deserves!
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25th May 2021
In September 2020 we offered help to our friends at Mullingar Pound after a small female terrier had been brought in after being involved in a road traffic accident. She was an extremely nervous girl whose front leg was badly damaged. Once in our care she saw our vet and it was decided to wait […]
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17th May 2021
There is no better way to start the week than with a story to warm the heart. Many of you will recognise Kuster, our beautiful golden oldie Springer boy, who was left into a pound by his previous owner. He had been neglected and had a horrendous ear infection, one of the worst we have […]
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11th May 2021
Last week we saw the very handsome Higgins head off to his new home with his new Mum and Dad, Terri and Alan. Off to spend his days pottering around the garden, splashing in the garden ponds and taking a stroll up the country laneways as and when he feels like it As an older […]
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9th May 2021
Cress, our baby collie pup, waved goodbye to his foster family and headed off to start his new life in Co Clare with his new family. His new family are no strangers to us here at GalwaySPCA nor to Cress’s foster family. Marie adopted Snowy, in early 2021, who was also in foster with Lily […]
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3rd May 2021
Jumbles arrived in March from Waterford Pound, a very scared boy. But we knew that underneath his fear lay a very sweet boy who was capable of becoming a loving and playful boy. We needed to strip away the layers of fear and uncertainty that he carried with him. It didn’t take too long and […]
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26th Apr 2021
Last weekend our girl Sherpa (hound) headed off to her forever home with new mum and dad, Lisa and Greg, and big brother Rocky, a recue pointer. Found straying the streets a month ago, once Sherpa had done her mandatory 5 day pound time she became a part of our Heathlawn Family. A very timid […]
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21st Apr 2021
Christmas week 2020 we agreed to help to ex-breeding girls who we named Bow and Baubles. Two little girls who arrived to us matted, smelly and totally unsocialized. For many weeks all we could do was feed them, talking quietly to them as we entered their room, avoiding eye contact and allowing them the space […]
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Puff and Dough

17th Apr 2021
Well they made it “Home Together” After many months at Heathlawn and some unprecedented twists and turns we are thrilled to share some wonderful news about our girls Puff and Dough. They arrived to us as a group of 5, sweet but so unsocialized. Over the next 3/4 months we had to teach them to […]
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15th Apr 2021
A few weeks ago we took in 2 Greyhounds, Serengeti and her grandson Kruger. At over 9 years old and having had yet another litter only 3 months ago, we really wanted to make sure we found Serengeti the perfect forever home. We also hoped that, like so many of our previous Greyhounds, we could […]
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8th Apr 2021
On the 23rd of December, this very scared, shut down young lurcher boy arrived at our sanctuary. Not only was he mentally broken but he also had a badly broken front leg after being hit by a car as he ran terrified as a stray on the streets. But we saw past all his scars […]
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7th Apr 2021
Tommy has started a new and exciting chapter in his life, as a much loved family pet. Tommy was surrendered to us simply because he was no longer needed on the farm. This sweet, gentle boy captured all our hearts during his time at Heathlawn as he learnt to run, play and be loved. He […]
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5th Apr 2021
In January we introduced you all to a very sickly little kitten. Honey had been found as a stray and in bad condition as she was very underweight. She went into foster with one of our experienced foster homes and after a few days began to gain weight and blossom. Just when we thought she […]
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4th Apr 2021
In February we were contacted by a kind lady named Zania. A cat had been hanging round her garden for some time and it was causing her cats a lot of stress and unfortunately a lot of injuries too. But being a cat lover she didn’t want to ignore the cries of the lone male […]
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27th Mar 2021
You will remember a few weeks ago we posted the sad story of 15 year old Missy who was found living a life of neglect, in an outdoor shed, by Offaly Dog Wardens. She was duly removed from her former owners and taken straight to the local vets where she had to be completely shaved […]
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Hakuna Matata

23rd Mar 2021
Hakuna Matata In late 2020 we homed a little lurcher girl “Rea” to The Crampton Family. Our parting words to them were, “Sighthounds are addictive, one is never enough” So it was really no surprise when, a couple of weeks ago, we received a message from Trish enquiring about adopting another. Music to our ears. […]
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