20th Sep 2022
A few months ago we took 2 little lurchers pups from a pound to give them a new start and named them Garlic and Herb. Chloe and John had adopted their first Saluki girl from us, in 2020, called Aroma and returned in 2021 to adopt another Saluki named Okabe. Sadly, Aroma passed away earlier […]
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19th Sep 2022
Lincoln our fab young lab boy didn’t hang around too long and headed off last week to his equally fabulous new home in Dublin with his new mum Margaret who, after losing her previous dog of 14 years recently, was over the moon to have been given the chance to love another. We hear that […]
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12th Sep 2022
Picnic arrived from Mullingar Pound. He had spent quite a few weeks there waiting patiently for his chance after he was found straying in Co Westmeath. The sweetest boy who was delighted to now have fields to run in and he loved nothing more than a game of ball. His other great joy was swimming […]
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12th Sep 2022
Many of you will remember this dear little man who arrived in August after a “late night rescue”. He arrived with one side of his face injured, whether that was from a car or “human inflicted”, we will never know. A timid, scared boy that night who was so obviously in shock and after a […]
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Dusk and Dawn

30th Aug 2022
Our delightful duo Dusk and Dawn! The pair were so excited once they were told they would be going home with their new family that they couldn’t stay still! Once home they set about exploring every inch and making themselves right at home! Thank you Sebastian and family for choosing to adopt!
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29th Aug 2022
It wasn’t too long ago that little Blume could only dream of a better life, kindness and love as she wandered the streets of Tuam. Emaciated, with mange-ridden skin and a tight rope around her neck, Blume had no idea that her life was about to be changed forever, because people cared. Spotted and posted […]
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Mrs. Bridges

20th Aug 2022
11 year old greyhound lady Mrs Bridges came into our care after she had been surrendered into a pound last month. She arrived confused and a little scared as expected. She, like many greyhounds, had lived a very sheltered life in kennels/garden and had experienced little of the real world. On her first week with […]
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13th Aug 2022
Little Zee was found a few weeks ago wandering along a road, scared and confused. The road is no place for any dog let alone a mere baby like Zee who is approximately 4 or 5 months old. Thankfully she was spotted and picked up by passing motorists who then arrived at our sanctuary. Zee […]
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10th Aug 2022
Our big boy Benson, now renamed Kairo, left our care a few weeks ago. Benson came into our care after he was surrendered to a pound. This goofy, most lovable, funny boy bounced his way into all our hearts. But sometimes being fun, goofy and lovable doesn’t guarantee you a forever home as also being […]
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1st Aug 2022
Found lying on the streets suffering with severe pneumonia, Charms start to a new and better life was one that meant she had to spend quite a few days at the vets receiving treatment. But thanks to the wonderful care by the team at A Country Practice Vet Clinic, she was discharged and arrived at […]
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29th Jul 2022
Arden arrived after he was found hiding on the side of a busy motorway. He was scared of everything, especially us. A young boy but one who had obviously seen too much cruelty in his life. So we paired him up with another dog and let her do the work for us in those early […]
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27th Jul 2022
Hootie arrived from Offaly Pound where he had been surrendered by his former owners. He had a pointer head and the body and colouring of one parent, with short little terrier legs of the other. A bundle of energy and joy, Hootie spent many a day tearing around our fields with his many friends, cutting […]
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26th Jul 2022
Finally, this is the last stage of lovely Dell’s journey and it was one hell of a journey for this sweet girl. We rescued Dell from the embankment of The M6 motorway at the end of January. It was clear that Dell had a badly broken leg but sadly, as it turned out, that became […]
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20th Jul 2022
A couple of weeks ago a car arrived up our drive with this beautiful, young boy in the boot. Despite being full we knew we had to spend our morning rejuggling, somehow, to make the room so he would be safe. We named him McIntosh and he was the sweetest, most grateful boy from the […]
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15th Jul 2022
A couple of months ago we were asked if we could help a tiny dog who had been living rough in a derelict house in Athlone. The house was soon due to be demolished and it was only then that it came to light that this tiny dog had been living there alone for quite […]
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Déjà Vu

14th Jul 2022
Déjà Vu, a 7 year old ex-racing/breeding greyhound, arrived at Heathlawn a few months ago. She was a super chilled, affectionate girl who settled easily into her new life with us. There’s nothing strange or new about that. When a lovely application came in from Anne and Kevin enquiring about adopting a dog and we […]
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13th Jul 2022
Adora left our cattery last week to start her new life with her new family! Thankfully Adora has settled in well and is making great use of the secure cat run in this wonderful weather. Thank you to Celine and her hubby for choosing to adopt
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5th Jul 2022
A few months ago, a young Saluki boy, Aberama arrived into our care. He was always such a happy, easy going boy, just one who had seen very little of the world outside of the place he had been kept chained up. When we saw an application come in from the Pitman Family, looking to […]
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Shrimp and Scampi

3rd Jul 2022
It may have taken us a while but we kept a promise made to Shrimp and Scampi that we would keep them together, after they arrived to us as a bonded pair. At times we felt that we may have to break that promise as weeks turned into months while Shrimp and Scampi waited patiently […]
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30th Jun 2022
Jetty arrived, in January, via a case the Department of Agriculture were involved in. She was totally unhandleable, never having been socialised, worn a collar nor walked on a lead. It took quite a long time to win her trust and even longer for her to get over her fear of the lead. But when […]
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