Moss is still waiting for her forever family to walk through our gates and find her!!…. Born in Dec 2017 on the streets of Ballinasloe, rescued by us, Moss went to a home as a 12 week old pup. Sadly, 6 weeks ago, Moss was returned to our care and is naturally finding Kennel life […]


You may all remember little Puddin,the matted,terrified girl dumped outside on our sanctuary lane at the beginning of March. Puddin underwent a makeover after being caught and she is now spayed and ready to look for her forever home. Puddin is a young girl,approx 12/18 months old.She currently lives in our office at the sanctuary […]


Introducing “Whiskers” Another victim of no pet housing policy… Whiskers arrived to her previous home as an adult so her age is uncertain….. she made herself very much at home and enjoyed their company, especially that of the young children while always keeping the family dogs in check… Never a fan of the indoor, she […]

Redmond …..

Redmond ….. let’s not forget the most senior man at Heathlawn…as if we could .Redmond is approx 10/11 years old and is the funniest character. He likes to be the boss and doesn’t take kindly at being told what to do or where to go but his charm and quirky nature are hard to resist […]


Ah our little Tiddles …. A beautiful girl,inside and out,full of character and a girl who simply loves people of all sizes …approx 4/5 years old .Tiddles is always first to greet us in the morning ,asking where her breakfast is .😁 Tiddles can live as an only dog,as long as she has lots of time […]


Sally is a super friendly,outgoing pug x,approx 5/6 years old.Sally is one of the bravest of her group and has a warm welcome for everyone she meets … She loves to play,give cuddles and receive cuddles ….. Sally can be an only dog and live with dog respectful children.She can also be left for periods […]


Mia …… Mia is a Yorkie x ,approx 12 months old. Mia is another of our shyer girls,always watching from a distance ,unsure about joining in but once we sit her on our laps,Mia is such a loving little character.She will need time and patience to adjust to home living and will need another small […]


Nana,a firm favorite with all who care for her at Heathlawn.A Yorkie girl,approx 8/9 years old.Nana is a very shy girl,who is looking for a quiet,calm home ,without small children.Ideally we would love to see Nana and Shorty home together but we also understand that may not be possible. Nana will definitely need another kind,calm […]


Tiny Shorty is a Yorkie x Chihuahua,approx 6/7 years old. She is a very shy girl,who tends to sit and watch ,though over the last couple of weeks,we have noticed that Shorty is getting a little braver and is starting to enjoy a cuddle …. Shorty is looking for a quiet home with no young […]


Silver is the sweetest of Yorkie girls,approx 3/4 years old.She is a super friendly little girl and has the cutest way of smiling at you .She loves to be involved in whatever you are doing ,helping staff and volunteers as they feed,clean and care for this little group.Silver could live with another dog or be […]


Ketchup is the little boy we collected from a garage in Ballinasloe late one night, a few weeks ago, after he had been seen straying along the nearby M6 motorway… We later learnt, he had been wandering for a few days.. Despite a post to perhaps locate an owner, nobody ever came forward.. So now, […]


Scrabble is just the most loving girl… So grateful to have been bought in off the woods and lanes she had been straying on for weeks, that she just can’t stop cuddling and kissing us, to show her appreciation. One of the most loving, easy going girls ever.. Scrabble doesn’t ask for much, just someone […]


contact Emma on 0872765690


Contact Emma on 0872765690


Lena arrived to us back in August as she was found lost, scared and alone on the Headford road.. Lena took some time to get used to humans and to trust them again and sadly her fear cost her many homes in her “cuter kitten” phase.. now as a adolescent she once again runs the […]

Tangle Twister

  Contact Tara on 0858509879 Feature Image Courtesy of Lois Yates Photography      


Not the first Cat you are going to meet when you walk in the doors…   She will probably never be the sort of cat that crys at you for attention..   But our Girl Gerry is one of the most unassuming and sweetest ladies you will ever meet..   Gerry is looking for a […]


A few weeks ago,we recieved a video of a small,downtrodden,broken little springer girl,as she walked dejectedly along the pavements of Ballinasloe Town. It was plain to see in the video that she had been used far too often to churn out pups,was underweight,filthy and had mange.Sadly,she moved off too fast for the person to catch […]


Selene has been with us since early last summer, after her and her two babies were finally caught. Selene is a young girl, whose past still shows at times, as she can be very nervous meeting new people…. Once Selene gets to know you, she has a sweet, loving side… Selene loves to be out […]


Dill was surrendered into our care earlier this week. Aged 5 years, a chihuahua x, Dill really is a sweet and chilled little girl… She has settled in well, gets on with the other dogs and is quickly learning to enjoy snuggles..   Contact Emma on 0872765690