When summer arrives so too do the numerous of calls regarding baby wild animals in seemingly dangerous situations. We welcome these calls and are happy to assist and advise anyone who feels an animal may need assistance. But when is help not helpful?
Wild animals live among us and go about their business not needing or wanting our help, for the most part.
But every year babies are ‘helped” away from their families, homes and natural lives by well-meaning individuals who are
“only trying to help”. We ask our supporters to please seek advice before removing an animal from the wild.
Unless that baby is visibly injured, in immediate danger from a domestic animal or is sitting and not moving off a busy road, it may not need help. Babies are leaving their nests, their dens, their homes and venturing out into the world and to find their feet. They are learning safe from unsafe and yes sometimes those lessons are difficult. No one wants to see one hurt or worse. But if babies don’t explore and move away from the safety of their homes they won’t learn how to survive.
If you see a baby animal and are adequately concerned for its safety:

? STOP ?
Assess the whole situation
Take a video or pictures
Ask for advice
We are always happy to offer advice in a situation and if we are not sure we will do our best to get help from our friends in the many amazing wildlife rescues across Ireland.
Call the GSPCA on 091 563631 or 085 8509879
Alternatively you can contact the WRI Hospital’s dedicated helpline to answer any concerns regarding wildlife on 0818 877766 or
01 6877766
If it is decided that intervention is in the best interest of the animal then it needs to be done
❗️Quietly and
❗️as Quickly as possible
To prevent stress and injury.
Improper handling can lead to injury to both you and the animal. Handling should be kept to a minimum and they should be secured in a box or carrier which is covered to keep them calm until help can be arranged. This is not the time for selfies as over handling can lead to stress and stress can kill.
Ireland’s Wildlife is amazing and we encourage everyone to continue watching out for it and helping when it is absolutely required.
But please, please remember that not all help is helpful.