Waddles Wheels

We wanted to share a video and some photos of Waddle over the last 3 weeks since he went to foster home with Evan and Andrea. There show just how brave and resilient Waddles truly is after he was paralysed and left to drag himself around his previous owners home before we rescued him.
Our team did their usual amazing job of rehabilitating him but we always knew he needed and deserved so much more. When this l9vely young couple offered to foster him we knew it was exactly what he needed. It’s not easy taking on a disabled dog but they have given Waddle the life we couldn’t and a life he never had.
He is now doing 45 min walks with no issues and he is standing on his hind legs for much longer periods of time. He gets to visit the beach, the woods, he gets on-demand belly rubs and pretends he is the boss to the 2 resident cats (who is he trying to fool🤣)
What a little trooper he truly is!!
Waddle you are a little hero who never gave up ❤️
Our most grateful thanks to Evan and Andrea for all the love and dedication they have given Waddle ❤️
16th March 2023
We have been so excited and want to share Waddles Wheels with you to show you how Waddle has adapted to this new way of life and freedom. This video was Waddles first venture on his new set of wheels and, as you can see, he was off with us struggling to keep up with him at times 😁
Watch his video on our You Tube Channel
When he arrived this sad, confused little dog couldn’t understand why he could no longer walk, toilet normally and join in so our kennel team have gone above and beyond to ensure Waddle got his freedom and dignity back.It wasn’t plain sailing and there were times in the early days when we wondered if Waddle would ever adapt or get his mojo back. He arrived with badly damaged legs which he had been left to drag around, for a number of weeks, before a concerned member of the public contacted us. He had big open, infected sores which meant his hind legs had to be bandaged, strapped and booted before we could even open his door to let him out. He trembled, shook, urinated and defecated each time we picked him up and dressed his legs. He needed daily washing as he couldn’t help but toilet on himself and it was as though he knew. His eyes were sad and defeated and he sat in a corner seeming unwilling to even try.But we tried and we kept on trying because in our minds we had made a promise to this little boy that we would bring him on a journey that would end with happiness, love, freedom, dignity and the most precious gift of all a forever home. Those promises sometimes seemed impossible as when you are surrounded by many other dogs who need you there are not enough hours in the day to feed, clean, exercise, do vet runs, call outs, home checks, viewings and caring for Waddle. It often seemed overwhelming but we had promised. So we stopped seeing his disability and we stopped feeling sorry for him in the hope he would somehow sense our determination and meet us half way.As the days and weeks past Waddle did more than meet us half way, he passed us out with his own determination to get on with life and he became happier and cheekier and we discovered that he loved to ride shot gun. Thanks to the kindness of one of our supporters, Trish, who willingly sponsored Waddles wheels we were now ready to order them.Thanks to the wonderful people at Wheels4dogs who were so helpful, kind and efficient, Waddles new wheels arrived within 3 days! It was hard to know who was more excited…Waddle or Us !! There are no words that can describe that moment as we lowered Waddle into his new wheels, strapped him in and waited to see what he would do or think. Would he be scared ? Would he refuse to move? Would he still believe in the promise we had made him all those weeks ago as he arrived?We needn’t have worried and there were huge smiles, whoops of joy, excited jigs (and a few tears) as we stood and watched the bravest of little boys take off on his first “freedom walk” ❤️ And there has been no stopping Waddle since. He can now join his friends out on walks around our sanctuary and he can now toilet.Because the icing on the cake is that Waddle has found his forever home and will soon be saying goodbye to us all at Heathlawn but we have a few more days to enjoy his company, enjoy his huge enthusiasm for life and simply enjoy knowing we kept our promise.❤️
We would like to thank everyone involved in their kind and generous support.
He is a true hero and we are so very, very proud of him. ❤️