The Forgotten

In January we accompanied the County Dog Warden into a property after calls had been made by concerned members of the public that the tenants had been gone out of the country ,for a number of days, leaving dogs in the back yard to fend for themselves. The photos below speak for themselves showing the living conditions which are absolutely disgusting, and apparently not unusual for this household.
A young Saluki girl, approximately 18 months, and a young Saluki Male pup, approximately 8 months, were roaming free amongst the rubbish, dirt, an open sewer drain and their own faeces. A young Akita boy was chained to a kennel that was a) way too small for a dog of his size and b) not fit to house a dead dog let alone any of these beautiful, living, breatheing animals.
With only one spare kennel at our sanctuary and an already overflowing Pound we faced a dilemma. How could we help all 3? But there was never any question that all 3 were not being removed from such filth. So we made a call to our good friend Andy at Husky Rescue Ireland, a call that we really didn’t want to make, as we know the immense pressure they are under as the only Husky/Akita rescue in Ireland, but we were desperate and he probably owes me a favour 🤣 Between ourselves at Galway SPCA, Husky Rescue Ireland and the County Dog Wardens, three grateful dogs were freed that day from a life of neglect, filth and futures full of misery.
We named the Salukis Choir (Female) and Hymn (Male). Hymn and Choir gave settled in amazingly well to life at Heathlawn and are now two of the happiest, sweetest dogs. The Akita boy is under the loving care of Husky Rescue Ireland so please let them know on their page just how grateful we are that they are there for so many dogs in need. They are a truly wonderful rescue.
This abuse and neglect NEEDS TO STOP!
Repeat offenders are getting away with it, week after week, year after year and once again its us, the overfull, over crowded, overworked rescues that are left to pick up the pieces and wondering when we see offences against innocent animals being punished?
Rescues have been fighting these battles for years and we are still expected to mop up and shut up, about the absolute disgrace that is animal welfare in this country. We are on our knees, as is every other rescue and pound, but we are “required” to get back up, time after time because no one in power seems to want to listen or help us make changes.
Enough is Enough!!
Our heartfelt and grateful thanks to Husky Rescue Ireland for having the biggest hearts and to our County Warden and to those people who did not ignore these dogs plight.