Rescue Dogs Rock!!

It is always an honour and a pleasure to share our passion and love for dogs with others. When we were asked by “The Westwood Team” of NUIG if we could participate in a visit “for the students of Westwood” we were only too happy to oblige ?
With Christmas exams looming the team in charge of Westwood Students, Patrick McCaul, Therese Dalton and Eimear Guillane thought some chillout time in the company of ex-rescue dogs would bring a smile and some cheer.
And they weren’t wrong!
Emma, our kennel manager, Anita, our admin officer, and Lorna, one of volunteers, set off with some of their own rescues.
Mr. Magoo, an ex racing Greyhound, was adopted by Emma.
McLaren, a Saluki, was rescued from the streets of Ballinasloe and adopted by Emma.
Rodgers was thrown from a car, found and brought to Mullingar Pound where he was spotted by us and duly brought to Heathlawn was adopted by Lorna.
And Tealeaf, one of our newest arrivals, after we took her from Offaly Pound last week, was under the care of Anita.
To say we, as a team, were proud of these amazing dogs today would be an understatement. Dogs who, may now have found their forever homes and are very much loved yet, at one time or another were like all the other rescue dogs standing in kennels tonight because they have been unwanted, abandoned or suffered some sort of cruelty in their lives. Today our dogs did it for all those who remain in rescue to show, not just the students of Westwood, how forgiving and loving rescue dogs are but also to show our wider audience on social media.
They did it for the Greyhounds, Salukis, Terriers, Collies, Staffies, Labs, Spaniels, Lurchers and every other breed that waits patiently to be adopted. We think it’s safe to say that everyone in the room today was blown away by just how much love rescue dogs give and receive. Apart from one small wee (Tealeaf ?) they didn’t put a paw wrong.
We would like to extend our grateful thanks to the Westwood team and their students for inviting us and for organising a collection for our charity. It was two hours in a room that was filled with love, passion, kindness and generosity from both humans and doggies alike. To look around the room and see smiles laughter, hugs and kisses.
Well, there’s not much more anyone could ask for is there ? ❤