Pups in the Park 2023 Day 2

It was another early start this morning as three more of our sanctuary dogs, along with 3 other members of our team, headed up the motorway to Dublin for our second day at Pups in the Park.
Representing Galway SPCA were rescue dogs Chewbacca, Boogie and Bocelli:-
Chewbacca – our 9 month old Frenchie x Bulldog pup who stole the hearts of everyone who met him today, whilst he tried to steal their food!!!🤣
Boogie – who loved all the attention and all the goings on
Bocelli – our 11 month old Greyhound boy who did so, so well saying hello to so many before retiring to man our stall and eat the banana bread😆
Three more of our sanctuary dogs who, like our 3 dogs yesterday, made us so so proud. They were perfect dogs and behaved impeccably.
We also got to meet some ex GSPCA doggies who popped by to say hello and let us know just how happy they are with their families.
Mrs Slocombe, now Grainne
Ronnie the little terrier
Bobby, one of our cocker pups
The weather stayed dry and it was a lovely day.
We would like to say a HUGE Thank You to everybody who stopped by our stall over the last two days and supported us. We are truly grateful.
To our team of staff and volunteers who gave up days off to ensure 6 of our sanctuary dogs got to have a lovely day out and to our team back home keeping our sanctuary running as usual.
A special THANK YOU goes out to two amazing ladies who manned our stall over the last two days, gathering some much needed funds which, as you all know, goes straight back to the animals in our care.
Amazing weekend made possible by the most amazing team.
Team Galway SPCA ❤️