7th Feb 2020

There’s a time in our job when we can sit back and know that, not only have we done the very best for our dogs in finding them the perfect home, we have also brought immense joy and happiness to a home and those lovely humans who live there by giving them the opportunity to love again.

Damien and Monica came to visit our sanctuary 5/6 weeks ago but, at the time, we felt we didn’t really have anyone that would suit so we asked them to keep in touch. Every Monday, for the last 5 weeks, we received a call from Damien asking us if we had found them a friend. Well last week we were able to tell Damien and Monica that we had !!! There was great excitement 😃

Pinky, our little Westie girl, found straying the streets in terrible condition was, we believed, going to be just who they were looking for. Today, Pinky arrived to the house, that is now her new forever home, where her new mum and dad were eagerly awaiting. A home that will bring Pinky on her little strolls but also, more importantly, spend their days together with lots of cuddles and chats on the sofa ❤️

Thank you Damien and Monica for waiting patiently for the right little dog to arrive and for choosing to adopt a rescue.

Rescue, ringing hope and a smile ❤️

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