Maeve’s Story

14th Dec 2017

Maeve was found 5 months ago on the streets, a walking skeleton, who had obviously had litter upon litter. She was so starved that she had resorted to eating gravel. Her stomach was full of it which made Maeve so sick she very nearly didn’t pull through. But Maeve didn’t live a life of abuse and neglect to just lie down and die, especially once she was rescued. She managed to pull through and go from strength to strength until she is now at her final chapter, finding her forever home.

Maeve is what’s known as a bull lurcher, Staffie x greyhound/lurcher, and what a fantastic cross that is. All the loving goofiness and sloppy kisses of a staff plus the sweet gentle side of the lurcher. Some may say they don’t make the prettiest of dogs, but this is rescue. ALL dogs are beautiful to us, especially when you know their true beauty…the one inside.

Maeve is approx 6/7yrs old, meduim sized, black with white flecks and some scarring from previous abuse. but she is sweet and gentle, kind and forgiving, fun and happy. She has the capacity to love so much it’s all she wants to do, love people. She walks well on her lead and whilst she does like a run, she is happiest when sitting beside you. It’s this loyalty that probably kept Maeve going through her years of abuse, kept her from being totally broken, because she has forgiven and greets all people with a smile and a kiss. Maeve walks out every day with her greyhound friends and Tiny Tim, a 5month old staffie x pup. She is well behaved in the walking group and likes the other doggies to behave likewise, though Tiny Tim gets away with being naughty due to his age.

An ideal home for Maeve would be one where she can spend as much time in her human’s company as possible. She would make the ideal travelling companion for a lorry/van driver as she loves to ride shotgun. She has met smaller children and has shown nothing but kindness and respect to them but we would prefer to find a home with older children if need be. An experienced older couple would also benefit greatly from Maeve, just enough zest to get them out and about yet calm enough to sit and relax if the mood takes.

Maeve desperately needs to find a forever home before she starts to get the Kennel Gloom (depressed and fed up). She didn’t battle all her life against the odds to end up stuck in a rescue kennel, she battled because she believes in karma and a happy ever after. Please take a minute to look at Maeve’s photos, read her story and where possible, share. If you can be the person to give Maeve her well deserved second chance please contact Emma on 087 2765690. Thank You.