23rd Dec 2019


Not so long ago a young Saluki girl was living on the streets of Ballinasloe. Running terrified from humans, scavenging in bins and using her wits to keep herself alive. It took us a while to catch her but catch her we did and the young stray Saluki girl came to Heathlawn and was named Kyna (one with wisdom). It took a few days but slowly Kyna started to trust us and after a week or so she was everyone’s best friend.

A couple of weeks ago we spoke to a lovely lady called Sharon who had spotted one of our posts saying why we believe Sighthounds make great pets. The response from so many hound lovers across the world was overwhelming (over 300 comments) and on reading them all Sharon decided to get in touch with us to learn more.

We invited Sharon and her family (3 kids and a Westie called Cutie) to Heathlawn for a chat and a look at some of our Sighthounds. We felt Kyna might just be the one for them and after a very successful meeting in Pacos Den, Sharon, the kids and Cutie were all in love with Kyna.

Yesterday was a very heartwarming day for us at a Heathlawn. Getting to watch one of our dogs leave is always a wonderful feeling but getting to watch a Lurcher leave to a home in Ireland is just the best feeling.  We work hard to promote Sighthounds as Family Pets so it was just lovely to see a family willing to learn all about them on their visit.

We hear Kyna has settled in quickly, has found the sofa in true Sighthound style and is loving being part of a family for the first time in her short life.

We cannot thank Sharon, Sean, Rachel, Grace and Cutie enough for opening up their hearts and home to not just one of our dogs but a Lurcher!!! Double Celebration 🥳🥳And thanks to all you smitten Sighthound Owners who commented and helped promote them on the very post that caught Sharons eye in the first place 😍

From stray to sofa, way to Go Kyna. Have a wonderful first Christmas together ❤️

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