Electronic Arts (EA) Gives Back

GalwaySPCA are very fortunate to have the support of the EA Galway team, for which we are very grateful. Here’s how it all began:-

The GSPCA has a very special place in the hearts of EA Ireland staff.  We have such amazing memories of the EA Gives Back volunteering day when we had so much fun helping paint Paco’s Den and the fences, as well as getting the opportunity to walk the beautiful dogs in their care.

EA wanted to show up for the GSPCA this Christmas, so we are raising money through a staff raffle with EA matching the funds raised. We know it’s a mere drop in the ocean, but we hope our support helps this incredible organization working tirelessly for the voiceless.

Let’s hear about some of the gorgeous GSPCA rescues who found their forever homes with EA staff.

Hugo (Haddock)

Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside…

We adopted Hugo from the incredible GSPCA over a year ago. Before being in their care, he broke his back leg on a race track, they tried to race him again after a quick fix and he fell at the first bend. The GSPCA nabbed him and after a long recovery, we found and gave him his forever home.

He’s a seat-stealing, bed-loving, carrot-eating good boy, with a fondness for a good road trip with his Mams. Partial to a 99 and a cup of tea, he’s an all-round sound guy who only runs for fun these days, and mostly wants to cuddle up and watch TV.

Sarah Brennan



All I want for Christmas is you…

Coco was kept in a cage the size of a cardboard box for over a year, and only let free for hunting. He used to be quite anxious and wouldn’t trust humans at all. When we adopted him from GSPCA a few years ago, initially, he wouldn’t let us touch him but, in time, he learnt how to love and be loved.

Now Coco enjoys his belly rubs, lots of cuddles and he’s best friends with his 6 dog brothers and sisters, except when he decides to steal their food! 

Mari Capitanio


Sasha (Ursa) and Raven (Lyra)

The Floor Manager                                                 Side-by-side coaching

Sasha, Raven, and their brother, Orion, were found malnourished, dehydrated, and freezing by a kind woman who heard their cries. She tried to feed them and locate their mother but, due to their weakening state, she knew immediate help from the GSPCA was required.  Raven only weighed 198g and nearly didn’t make it through the first night, but, thanks to round-the-clock care by their dedicated GSPCA foster mother, all three tiny babies eventually started to thrive.

Sasha and Raven have always loved hanging out together.  Chilling in the garden, chasing each other and playfighting, and watching the birds at the feeders are all favourite pastimes.  Funny, sweet, and affectionate, they love their snuggles and scritches. They also love sending garbled slack messages, and joining Zoom calls, but that’s another story. ?

Sinéad Grogan