Cat Neutering Scheme

8th Feb 2021
We are delighted to announce our reduced rate Cat Neutering Scheme, for the second year running.
Each of the vets, listed below, has kindly offered to assist us and to avail of the reduced rate offer all appointments must be booked directly with them. Spaces are limited and we expect, like last year, that they will fill up fast. Please understand that these are all busy practices, working within the government imposed restrictions, so please follow their individual guidelines when attending appointments.
Those of you who would like to avail of this offer to neuter the shy cats in your community we are offering a trap rental scheme, from our Galway city office. Please call our office on 091-563631, leave your name and number and our team will be in contact to help organise a trap. We have a limited number of traps available so please be patient while we do our best to accommodate everyone.
With more and more cats, both friendly and feral, presenting to rescues in the later stages of Felv (including young cats) it is even more vital to keep our cats safe and reduce the risk of cross infection by reducing the need to fight or mate.
We would love to offer more and be in a position to help everyone but manpower and funding will only stretch so far.
Galway/Ireland is by no means short of cats and the current β€œdemand” for kittens is only due to the time of year and most people wanting very young kittens not adult cats. In 3 months time there will, once again, be far too many kittens and not nearly enough homes.
So please Spay/Neuter your cats.
To Book a slot for our reduced rate Cat Neutering Scheme, contact:
Briarhill Vets, Briarhill, Galway – 091 380 000
Ballyhugh Vets, Gort – 091 632 722
Barna Vets, Barna – 091 867 008
Divilly Vets, Headford – 093 36501
Moran Court, Ballinasloe – 090 963 1244
Mountbellew – 090 967 9319
Railway Vets, Loughrea – 091 841 935
The cost to you is €20 for a male cat and €30 for a female cat and we will cover the rest.
Thank you to all the Vet Practices for their support!