Alora – Finally at peace

You may remember our beautiful Alora who we were called out to rescue from deep in the bog, where she had been so horrifically dumped and left to die. Sadly, help came too late for sweet Alora and despite the best efforts of our vets A Country Practice Vet Clinic and ourselves, she passed away shortly after arriving at our vets. Whilst her ending was peaceful and painfree, and we hope she felt the love we showed her in her final hours, it was something that stayed with us and affected us all deeply.
We traced Aloras history and we were given the name of the person who supposedly brought her to the bog and left her to die (the rumour was that the person was meant to shoot her but had a change of heart…so left her to die in agony instead). But, once again, without proof, without a chip it remained only a “rumour” and we were helpless to do anything. We would have helped, we would have found her a space, all they had to do was ask. They know our kennel manager, they have her number but instead they chose to do it “their way”.
With Aloras passing, with the way she was abused and discarded, the only thing left that we could do for Alora was to “bring her home” to a place where she could sway gently in the breeze, beneath the apple trees in our orchard. So we had her singularly cremated and in some way it gave us comfort to know that for the first time in her life she was safe, loved and remembered.
She remains for us a constant reminder of the battles we face each and every day and we would like to think we draw some strength from her and continue to be the voice for dogs like Alora.
Rest easy sweet Alora and know that we see you and remember you every day. as you rest easy in a place of love alongside friends past and present ❤️