Advice on owning a Reptile

16th Jul 2021
Snakes get a bad rap mostly because people don’t understand them.
Despite Irish folklore saying that St Patrick drove them out, snakes are readily available across the country. Due to popular demand and an exotic pet trade, snakes are being kept as pets without owners fully understanding what is involved.
It is true that snakes can survive in small enclosures, and are even being kept in plastic tubs, but this is purely because of their resilience not the fact that “they don’t need space”.
Pet Shops sell snakes and “starter kits” without explaining and emphasising the fact that these enclosures are NOT suitable for the full 20+years you should have your pet.
Snakes need enrichment. They need to move, explore and be entertained just like any other pet. Smelling, hiding and tunnelling are just some of their hobbies and they need to be provided with enough space and exercise time to allow them meet their natural needs.
Age is also a factor. A lot of teens take on “cool” pets without really factoring in their entire life cycle and their long term needs. Ask yourself who is going to look after them when you go travelling or to college?
Size. A 7 foot cornsnake is not going to be very comfortable in a 2ft baby tank and some types of snakes grow much bigger than 7feet. Ask yourself if you will be comfortable handling a snake when they are bigger than you?
We urge anyone who is thinking of buying a reptile and those who already own one to do your research and make sure that your scaly friends are THRIVING and not just surviving.