Advice on looking after a pet rabbit

As we head into the Easter weekend Coco would like to remind everyone that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment.

They require lots of exercise and space to move around even in their enclosures.

Rabbits are not OK living in hutches in the garden unless it has a large secure run attached.

Rabbits are not always cuddly, they have strong legs and big teeth and can cause injuries if not properly handled.

Rabbits require friends and do best in same sex pairs or neutered. Rabbits are nicer when neutered, no matter the gender or the pairing neutering your bunnies remove a lot of the territorial and aggressive behaviour considered to be a problem for rabbit owners.

But most of all Rabbits want to be loved! They want to be part of your family and involved in whatever you are doing.

If you are not prepared to provide all that is needed to have a happy bunny then please stick to chocolate kind (and we don’t mean Coco  )