Advice if you find kittens

We receive many calls and every situation is different, the calls will vary. Some are well meaning with most people wanting to help.

So what do you do if you find kittens?

1. Take a Photo

Depending on the situation, we always advise you to take a photo as photos help us determine how old the kittens are and how best to proceed.

2. Wait for mum

Unless the kittens are in immediate danger or showing signs of illness, it is important to determine if Mum is still around. Young kittens do best with Mum and even if they do need to be removed it is best to identify Mum so she can be trapped and spayed and not have to continue producing litter after litter #spaythestray

3. Keep the kittens warm

Kittens can not regulate their temperature properly and their tiny bodies need to be kept warm in order to function. Do not attempt to feed cold kittens.

4. Never give kittens cows milk or ‘cat milk’

It is never the correct option! Kittens stomachs are very sensitive and cows milk can cause a lot of harm and delay them receiving proper care and nutrition. Kitten Replacer Milk comes in powder form and is the closest thing to mothers milk. If you can not get replacement milk Goats milk is the next best option.

5. Ask For Help

We are not always in a position to take on every abandoned kitten but we are on hand to offer support and advice. The fastest way to get in touch with our cat team is via our office, call 091 563 631. Email and if you can email a photo that will speed up the process.

We are working remotely but voicemails and emails are checked regularly.