GalwaySPCA Out and About

12th Apr 2022
We were back at the Westwood Student Accommodation in Galway City for a day of doggie cuddles. Thanks to Westwoods assistant resident organiser Patrick McCaul the students got 2 hours to simply sit, relax and enjoy being in the company of our beautiful dogs. Former GSPCA dogs, except for Stitch the Pug who was adopted […]
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Sign up to receive our GalwaySPCA Newsletter

4th Apr 2022
Our quarterly Newsletter was first released in Spring 2021 so we are now seasoned publishers!! Each edition features updates from the sanctuary, our planned events and photos of the animals who have found their fur-ever homes. If you would like to subscribe to our Newsletter mailing list, please sign up here  
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Are you considering a Rabbit as a pet?

24th Mar 2022
Rabbits Need Space. We keep saying that but what do we actually mean? Spending money on expensive enclosures only works if the enclosure is suitable. Hutches and plastic cages are often marked as XL or Extra Large but the reality is that they are usually way too small for a rabbit. The 3 hop rule […]
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Community Employment Scheme

15th Mar 2022
If you have been unemployed for 12 months or more and are eligible for a Community Employment Scheme, then you may be interested in applying for one of the following positions at Galway SPCA. Maintenance Person: Based at our sanctuary in Killimor duties will include light repairs, grass cutting, window cleaning, painting, unloading deliveries, van […]
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‘Friends of Galway SPCA’ Facebook Group

27th Feb 2022
Our ‘Friends of Galway SPCA’ Facebook Group is a closed group with interesting inside information which includes first hand behind the scenes news. It has been running since September 2019 and your €5 monthly membership subscription entitles you to:- daily updates from the sanctuary at Heathlawn and the Athenry Cattery view the antics of the […]
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Why Lurchers Make Great Pets

14th Feb 2022
Do you keep hearing about what great pets lurchers make but would like to know more? Please download and have a read of our leaflet, Why lurchers make great pets, prepared by one of our lurcher loving supporters, passing on their experiences and maybe answering any questions you may have when you think of living […]
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My Giving Circle Donation

4th Jan 2022
We were delighted to receive the news, on January 3rd 2021,  that we have been awarded a grant of €750 from My Giving Circle and that is down to all of you We would like to say thank you so much to everyone who took the time to vote, make a donation and share the […]
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Electronic Arts (EA) Gives Back

7th Dec 2021
GalwaySPCA are very fortunate to have the support of the EA Galway team, for which we are very grateful. Here’s how it all began:- The GSPCA has a very special place in the hearts of EA Ireland staff.  We have such amazing memories of the EA Gives Back volunteering day when we had so much […]
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Rescue Dogs Rock!!

3rd Dec 2021
It is always an honour and a pleasure to share our passion and love for dogs with others. When we were asked by “The Westwood Team” of NUIG if we could participate in a visit “for the students of Westwood” we were only too happy to oblige With Christmas exams looming the team in charge […]
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“I’ll Wait for You at Rainbow’s End”

19th Nov 2021
In memory of Pixie, “I’ll Wait for You at Rainbow’s End” is a delightful book written by Mary Worrall and illustrated by Jojo Begley. Narrated by Pixie, the book tells the story of the arrival of a somewhat boisterous younger brother and the havoc he brings to the household. Suitable for readers of all ages […]
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Burns Pet Nutrition

15th Nov 2021
Last week we had the absolute pleasure of welcoming back our friends from Burns Pet Nutrition, especially the man himself, founder of Burns Food, John Burns and, as usual, he didn’t disappoint rocking up in one of his most prized possessions…his kilt!! The team at Burns have been the most amazing supporters of us here […]
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Heathlawn Apple Juice

14th Nov 2021
They say when life hands you lemons you should make lemonade. So when you have an orchard full of apples, and a committee dedicated to making us as self sufficient as possible, on a glorious September afternoon volunteers of all ages set to harvesting the orchard at Heathlawn The work was hard but it was […]
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Advice on owning a Reptile

16th Jul 2021
Snakes get a bad rap mostly because people don’t understand them. Despite Irish folklore saying that St Patrick drove them out, snakes are readily available across the country. Due to popular demand and an exotic pet trade, snakes are being kept as pets without owners fully understanding what is involved. It is true that snakes […]
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“The Faces of Rescue”

22nd Jun 2021
As a rescue, we pride ourselves on being able to show you our dogs as they go “full circle”. We introduce them as they arrive. Often broken (mentally and physically), scared, emaciated, confused. We show the scared become confident, the broken being fixed and the emaciated gaining weight. And then we show them as they […]
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It is required by law to dog Microchip and Register your dog

27th May 2021
SIT UP and OBEY is what we teach our dogs. Being a responsible dog owner involves some simple tasks. Microchipping and registering is a simple procedure that allows for easy recovery of lost or stolen dogs. Microchipping makes a clear link between a dog and its owner. Having a microchip means they can be reunited […]
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6th Feb 2021
When summer arrives so too do the numerous of calls regarding baby wild animals in seemingly dangerous situations. We welcome these calls and are happy to assist and advise anyone who feels an animal may need assistance. But when is help not helpful? Wild animals live among us and go about their business not needing […]
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Mootsy and Me

20th Jan 2021
Galway SPCA is delighted to announce the publication of ‘Mootsy and the AWFULLY big bite!’ On sale at it costs €11.00 including postage anywhere in Ireland and €13.00 includes international delivery. This heart-warming picturebook, which tells the story of the AWFUL day when seven-year old Aoife’s gerbil bites her finger and will NOT let […]
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Register with

15th May 2020
Our thanks to everyone for raising donations for Galway SPCA with #easyfundraising. If you haven’t signed up yet it’s easy and completely free. 4,000 shops and sites will donate to us when you use easyfundraising to do your everyday online shopping at no extra cost to you. To sign up all you have to do is […]
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Advice if you find kittens

13th May 2020
We receive many calls and every situation is different, the calls will vary. Some are well meaning with most people wanting to help. So what do you do if you find kittens? 1. Take a Photo Depending on the situation, we always advise you to take a photo as photos help us determine how old […]
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Advice on looking after a pet rabbit

10th Apr 2020
As we head into the Easter weekend Coco would like to remind everyone that rabbits are a 10+ year commitment. They require lots of exercise and space to move around even in their enclosures. Rabbits are not OK living in hutches in the garden unless it has a large secure run attached. Rabbits are not […]
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