26th Jan 2020
Yesterday we watched as our Newfoundland boy McCoy left us to start a new life. McCoy was surrendered into our care a couple of weeks ago and we were delighted when he had a visitor at our sanctuary. Des, with his rescue Newfie girl Zoro, came to visit McCoy and it was love at first […]


21st Jan 2020
  This gorgeous little chap, McVitie ❤️, arrived into our care after he was seen being ‘man handled’ in a way no animal ever should. This sweet natured boy seemed so grateful that he was now safe in our care. And McVitie didn’t have to wait very long before visitors to our sanctuary met him […]


20th Jan 2020
Bye Bye Myrrh. Another goodbye, this time it was our beautiful pointer girl Myrrh, who got to pack up her belongings, as she headed off with her new mum and dad Rosemary and Paddy. Myrrh was found, just before Christmas on the streets of Tuam, emaciated, covered in fleas and very afraid. Thanks to amazing […]


20th Jan 2020
It has been a very busy week here at Heathlawn with lots of work being done to ensure everything is in place for our lucky doggies waiting to head off to their forever homes. We waved goodbye to our very sweet, shy terrier boy Molloy, who we offered space to just before Christmas as he […]


19th Jan 2020
Crypt is another lucky boy as he left to begin his new life with new mom, Imogen, and fur sibling Misty! When introducing a new fur family member it is important to remember that patience is essential, that’s why we insist that newly adopted cats have their own space in the beginning. Crypt loves his […]


17th Jan 2020
It’s been just a week since our Bobbee left Heathlawn after waiting over 430 days for someone to give her the chance she so deserved. It has been a week full of walks and adventures for this gorgeous girl and we feel quite emotional looking at these photos of Bobbee, living the dream and feeling […]

Pines.. His Journey ❤️

12th Jan 2020
At the beginning of December a member of our team was at the Offaly Pound picking up a Greyhound that had been surrendered a few days earlier. From the corner of her eye she spotted a very scared little Springer boy, hiding behind his basket. With only one available kennel back at the sanctuary, for […]


11th Jan 2020
This morning it was Madrids turn to pack her bags as Erin and Aoife arrived bright and early at our Athenry cattery to meet Madrid foster mum Anne, before she began her busy day in the cattery. The family are thrilled to welcome Madrid into their home and Madrid cant wait to get home to […]


11th Jan 2020
With her bags packed and her fond farewells said, Dusky left her foster home yesterday to begin her new life with her Mum, Trish, and extended fur family. Dusky was rescued from a roundabout in Galway city and squeezed into one of very busy foster families. Thank you Trish for opening your home to Dusky […]


10th Jan 2020
From escalator shaft to foster sister extraordinaire!! The little kitty who was found trapped under an escalator shaft in Lidl, Oranmore, last year and was taken into foster by Edel. Although a tad ‘hissy’ at first, Essie settled in quite well into her foster home. So well, in fact, that despite have 2 cats already […]


8th Jan 2020
Princes Piper (sister to Paige) got her big break and, this afternoon, left our city cattery to begin her life with Mum, Aoife. Thank you Aoife for choosing to adopt one of our amazing animals #adoptdontshop #poweredbyburns  


7th Jan 2020
There were teary eyes and broken hearts this afternoon as Versailles left to begin his new life with his new family and fur brother Leo, who was adopted last summer. Versailles was not short of wonderful home offers and even his foster family were not sure they could bear to part with him. (If every […]


6th Jan 2020
❤️ YULE ❤️ In mid December we were alerted to this little guy straying around an estate in Ballinasloe Town. He arrived to our sanctuary a very terrified puppy of approximately 4 months old. Hiding behind his basket too afraid to even look at us was a very sad sight. But we knew it wouldn’t […]

Habba’s Journey

3rd Jan 2020
At the beginning of September 2019 Habba came into our care after she was hit by a car on the very busy M6 Dublin to Galway Motorway. Extensive surgery on her broken leg left Habba kennel bound at our sanctuary whilst she learnt to let go of her fears and distrusts in life. She was […]


1st Jan 2020
Late in 2019 Judo and his brother Karate were found dumped on bog land outside Ballinasloe. Just two in a very long line of abandoned and mistreated Lurchers. Thankfully 2019 has become a little kinder to this amazing, gentle and loving breed as we see more people becoming aware of how great pets they make. […]


23rd Dec 2019
KYNA’S FIRST CHRISTMAS❤️ Not so long ago a young Saluki girl was living on the streets of Ballinasloe. Running terrified from humans, scavenging in bins and using her wits to keep herself alive. It took us a while to catch her but catch her we did and the young stray Saluki girl came to Heathlawn […]

Rome, Eleazar and Erin

23rd Dec 2019
There was more Happy Christmas news for both Athenry and City catteries last week for three older kittens. Rome, Eleazar and Erin are all getting to celebrate Christmas in homes of their own. All were victims of this years insane kitten season with all spending most of their short life living in a cattery setting. […]

Bear and Bindi

22nd Dec 2019
Little black panther orphans Bear and Bindi finally said their farewells today! Found by a man walking his dog… at only 10 days old the pair had somehow been separated from their mum and were crawling around football field, in desperate need of help. They were brought in by their finder and kept warm until a […]


21st Dec 2019
Merry Christmas Dottie ❤️ Little Dottie came into our care after she was saved from the cardboard box she was sitting in, waiting to be sold at Maam Cross Fair. Only 7/8 weeks old, shivering with the cold and walking in fleas, a young man attending the fair decided he wasn’t leaving without her. We were […]


18th Dec 2019
Squash was found abandoned in a shoe box on a bog at just 3/4 weeks old. She weighed less than a kilo and was freezing and terrified. She also had a severed hind leg. We were lucky enough to be able to find Squash the most amazing foster home with the lovely Sandra, a lady […]