How you can help


See our donations page for more details on how to donate and what is on our current wishlist.


Have a look at our rehoming section for dogs, cats and exotic animals currently in our care. This page is updated daily and has a list of all of our residents that ready to find their furever home. All of the animals listed have been assessed, neutered and vaccinated.

If your home meets the criteria of an animal please complete the relevant online adoption application form.  Each and every application is reviewed with the animals best interests in mind. Short listed applicants will be contacted by the rehoming team for a phone conversation and to organise a homecheck. If relation to dogs, even if you have a specific dog or breed in mind, we ask that you are open to meeting another dog that we may feel is better suited to your family.

Encourage others to adopt where possible instead of buying or breeding as there are so many unwanted pets.

Read our heartwarming rehoming posts and see our dogs and cats who have headed off to their new homes.


We always have rescued animals that need extra special care, like those recovering from veterinary treatment, the very young or those that just need someone to one care and attention.

It doesn’t matter if you already have pets, just make sure their vaccinations are up to date, you have a secure and safe indoor area.

Homechecks do apply and you must have a secure garden.

If you’d like to apply to foster, please complete the relevant animal adoption application form and where it says ‘Animal Name’ please state ‘Foster Application’.


There are many different types of work that volunteers can do for us.

Our dog sanctuary in Killimor is always full to the brim so there is always plenty to be done. Volunteers are always needed for cleaning and for general maintenance of the grounds of the Sanctuary also. Transport is a must as we are not on any bus routes.

Our Cattery in Athenry, our Charity Shop on Barrack Street, Athenry and our Galway City Centre Charity Shop on Augustine Street often need volunteers who can regularly help out.


Holding a fundraising event yourself to help raise some much-needed funds, Bake sales, Coffee mornings, Table Quizzes or music events are always appreciated.

Even something as simple as keeping an eye out for or donating good quality items we can sell in our charity shop is a massive help to us.

Please go to our contact page to find out where we are located and how to get in touch.