Sola is a tiny girl,3 years old and a Yorkie x chihuahua….

Sola has been surrendered into our care ,due to a change in her family circumstances,beyond their control.She has been a much loved pet all her life and is now looking for a new family,who can continue with that love and care.

Sola is just one of the sweetest little girls,who loves her cuddles and attention,happiest when sat on your lap,or as you can see from our photos,any part of you that’s available😃.

Sola is looking for a loving home where she can have human company for most of the day,though can be left for a few hours at a time.As Sola so loves her cuddles,we are looking for a home where her new family are happy to have a little hot water bottle by their side.
As Sola has never been around small children,we are looking for a home without small children,no cats,as despite her tiny size,Sola doesn’t like them.
She has met new dogs at our sanctuary and basically ignores them,though a small,quieter dog as company would be ok.

We have promised Solas original family ,that we would find Sola only the very best of homes,where all her needs will be met. A secure garden ,indoor home only .

Please contact Emma on 087 2765690